Judo now offered at OCSA!!!


From the day our Academy opened, the focus has always been to provide our students a Professional Facility, Experienced Instruction, and Great Team Environment! 

We strive to offer a wide array of classes that caters to those people looking for ‘real world’ self-defense, as well as those wishing to become a competitive “Combat Sports Athletes”. 

That said, we are proud to announce the addition of our NEW Judo Classes!!! These classes will be taught by Shodan Eddie Neves. Here is some more information about Eddie & the class:

Name: Edivan Moris de Souza Neves (goes by “Eddie Neves”)
From: São Paulo - Brazil
Rank: Black Belt in Judô - Shodan - 1º Degree

Eddie trained exclusively for over 15 years at the Judô Kimura Association (São Paulo – Brazil) under Sensei TADASHI KIMURA (Kodansha - 7º Degree)! He has competed for the São Paulo Federation of Judo tournaments, State tournaments, as well as inter-academy Judô tournaments. Eddie currently belongs to the Brazilian Federantion of Judô.

Classes: Tuesday @ 7:30pm

These new classes will fit perfectly with the current class offerings, and further give our students the skills they need to become a more complete Grappler! 

If you have always wanted to try out any of the classes we offer, please contact us about getting started with your FREE WEEK of UNLIMITED Classes (BJJ, Judo, Submission Grappling, & Striking)!