OCSA bring home Medals from the Masters World Championships

This past weekend was once again an opportunity for OCSA to put our collective hard-work to the test!
Five of our teammates traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the IBJJF Masters World Championships (one of the largest & most competitive Jiu-Jitsu tournaments on earth), while another group stayed closer to home to compete in Canton!
While both groups represented the school with a high level of technique & character...we would like to send a SPECIAL Congratulatory applause to:
* Rich Ryu won the Bronze Medal in the Master 4 Black Belt Light Weight Division! His match in against the eventual winner was only decided by an advantage (scored at the very of regulation)! His performance makes him one of only a handful of Black Belts competitors from Ohio to EVER medal at the Master Worlds!
* Scott Cook brought home 2 Bronze Medals in the Masters 5 Blue Belt Med. Heavy & Absolute!  Both of Scott's wins were impressive...however, even in the two matches he came up short...he displayed a great deal of growth from match to match...even giving up nearly 6" & 200lbs in his Absolute Semi-Finals match! Over the last 13 months, Scott is now a 4x Master Worlds medalist!
Our school may only be 6-years old… but with multiple State Championships, IBJJF Medalist, and other Grappling Titles... we are quickly becoming one of the most respected BJJ Academies in Ohio!
If you (or your child) have ever wanted to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling, or any of the Combat Sports...please reach out and we will be happy to help set your goal & reach your full potential!!!
Dustin Ware